gemstone chart
Gemstone biblical reference symbolism description
AMBERamber Ez.1:4,14&27; 8:2 the presence and glory of God in judgement, purification and sanctification- hard, translucent, brownish-yellow, sometimes a glowing bronze, fossil resin of pine trees. The sweet fragrance of true Amber is quite distinct. Mainly found along the Baltic coasts of Poland, the Soviet Union, and Greece [in ancient ruins of Mycenae City].
AMETHYSTamethyst Ex. 28:19, 39:1; Rev.21:20 the royal priesthood, kingship and majestic rich purple to blue-violet color of transparent quartz. The finest of these gems come from Brazil and Uruguay. It is the 9th stone decorating the high priests breastplate.
DIAMONDdiamond-symbolism Jer. 17:1; Ex. 28:18, 39:11; Eze. 28:13, 3:9; Zec. 7:12 stability, brilliancy, virtuous and right standing with God colorless; it is the hardest naturally occurring substance. The impurties add color, red being very rare. Africa is by far the largest producer, diamond is mostly mined in South Africa.
EMERALDemerald symbolism Ex. 28:18, 39:11; Eze. 27:16, 28:13; Rev. 4:3, 21:19 glories of God and His saints, fresh, flourishing, essence of life, growth, integrity, new life, increase and prosperity a variety of Beryl. Rich lush medium green, heavily included to flawless. The finest quailty are mined in the famous emerald belt of Colombia.
JASPERjasper-symbolism Ex. 28:15&20, 39:13; Eze. 28:13; Rev. 4:3, 21:11,16&18 glory of God, spendor, brightness, magnificence and beauty opaque variety of quartz. Color ranges from green to reddish brown to yellow having a waxy luster. Whether ancient or modern, this is a stone used for signet rings which can be engraved.
PEARLpearl-symbolism Job 28:18; Matt. 7:6, 13:45&46; I Tim. 2:9; Rev. 17:4, 18:12, 21:21 God's truth, God's people formed through suffering, to endure, and a costly experience. Greek term for pearl "margaret" meaning lovely gem. If an iritant such as a grain of sand becomes trapped within it's shell, the oyster gradually covers it with layers of nacre, which form the precious pearl inside.
RUBYruby symbolism Job 28:18; Prov. 3:15, 8:11, 20:15, 35:10; Lam. 4:7 preciousness, of great value, costly glories, wisdom, and prized treasure fiery, deep-red, transparent form of corundum. Rubies of the finest color come for the Mogok region in Burma, the violet-red (sometimes quite dark) comes principally from Thailand.
SAPPHIREsapphire symbolism Ex. 24:10, 28:13&18, 39:11; Job 28:6&16; Lam. 4:7; Isa. 54:11; Eze. 1:26, 10:10, 28:13; Rev. 9:17, 21:19&20 beauty, hardness, natural excellence, the flower Hyacinth many colors of this form of corundum; gray, colorless, green, yellow, violet, pink, and most recognized blue or the blue star sapphire
TOPAZtopaz symbolism Ex. 28:13&17, 39:10; Job 28:12&19; Eze. 28:13; Rev. 21:20 beauty, worthiness, precious gem and seasonable a colorless, blue, yellowish brown, or pink, aluminum silicate (mineral). The yellow graduating to pink are the most valued. Mined primarily in Brazil. Fine topaz is not widely used in jewlery due to the cost and rarity of it.